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editing & copy-editing

First, a definition.

As an editor, I'm there to make changes to an article, book, paper, or written project. Sometimes I'll reorganize for a better flow or to make something clearer...I might rewrite to make a sentence or passage more powerful or thought-provoking...I could even suggest character modifications in the case of fiction, or advocate for bringing more energy into a piece of stale or stodgy nonfiction.

When I'm copyediting, on the other hand, I'm more focused on the small stuff. (Small stuff, by the way, that can save you from a boatload of embarrassment or even disgrace if something goes to print with glaring technical errors.) As a copyeditor, I'm focused more on accuracy, good English, clarity, formatting, and proofreading.


In a nutshell, I'm looking through a magnifying glass when I'm wearing my copyeditor hat, and a wide-angle lens when I'm acting as an editor.



In today's world of texting and Twittering and sometimes-incomprehensible electronic shorthand, my goal is to be more than just a picky proofreader or gung-ho grammarian. My aim is to take your words and infuse them with the kind of strength, power, and appeal that will grasp your reader's attention and interest, whether you're writing a bodice-ripping romance novel or an academic treatise on the origins of the universe. And always, I endeavor to respect your ownership of the work, whatever it is, allowing your own voice to come through.

I provide proofreading and editing services for:

  • authors

  • business professionals

  • nonprofit leaders

  • or anyone who needs to produce an excellent written product.




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