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Specializing in the creation of print and digital communications to link both businesses and nonprofits to the communities they serve...with a focus on writing, editing, and content-related services.

  • Copywriting and Editing

  • Email/Direct Mail Communications

  • Content Creation

  • Media Relations



Keeping your finger on the pulse of change is vital for any business or nonprofit in the 21st century.

Whether it’s the demands of technology or finding ways to appeal to a diverse public, every day you’re called upon to do more to make yourself stand out from the crowd.

Today’s active, discerning, hyper-connected donors and consumers expect more and more of the people they do business with and make charitable contributions to.


But here’s the thing: whether you run a community-based nonprofit, a corner store, or a regional service center, success in any venue demands passion...a drive for excellence...and genuine commitment to the people you serve.


That’s also what I bring to the experience of working with nonprofit executives and business professionals.

My services include:

Reaching Out

  • Direct mail and email campaigns

  • Print and digital newsletters

  • Brochures and websites

  • Customer care programs

  • Public awareness campaigns

  • Speech-writing


Reaching In

  • Staff training

  • Board, staff, and executive communications and retreats


Media Interaction

  • Letters to the editor and commentaries

  • Press releases and statements

  • Media voice-overs


My credentials . . . . .

  • Masters degree in Communication Studies

  • Educator

  • Published Author & Columnist

  • Public & Media Relations Consultant

  • Website Designer

  • Nonprofit Director

  • Speech Writer

  • Business Entrepreneur

One-time or ongoing projects, per-project or per-hour. Fees for services are negotiable, based upon your needs, goals, and resources.

email me at:

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