A Just Reckoning
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My Joey

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On June 29, I lost my gentle, beautiful, beloved dog Joey.

He was my friend, my companion, and most of all, my heart.

As a therapy dog, he brought uncounted joy to hundreds of people . . .
and since the day I adopted him in 2015,

he brought the same to every human being he met.

To a person, they were struck with his incredible kindness and sweetness . . .
he was like a magnet that drew every human being to him.

I will mourn his loss forever.

A Cruel Oblivion - with Hoffer Awards.jpg

A Cruel Oblivion,  the 2nd book in the Tess Alexander Mystery series, has been awarded the 2022 Eric Hoffer Book Award in the E-Book category. It was also shortlisted for the Grand Prize, an honor which is awarded to fewer than 5% of nominees.

The Eric Hoffer Book Award is an international literary prize which has become one of the largest and most prestigious book awards for independent presses and self-published works.

The book also won the Silver Award for Fiction from the Northern California Publishers & Authors.


To learn more and read an excerpt, click here.

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You can find both books on Amazon, Google Play, Apple, and other Internet retailers...and of course, at your local bookstore!

The 1st book, A Just Reckoning, published in February of 2021, was named a finalist in the Independent Author's Network Book of the Year Awards.

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